How weed Can enhance Your Lifestyle For over a millennia, many people have been using cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. Unfortunately, cannabis has been criminalized due to industrialists, the “War on Drug” and bought politicians. Thanks to states legalizing cannabis medically and recreationally over the past decade, scientific research has increased massively and has confirmed its medical benefits.

Marijuana Help with Chronic Pain Weed-Infused Gum and 5 Other Surprising Marijuana-Based Items to Help with Chronic Pain. In the relatively recent past, I concluded that I needed to try some therapeutic pot items out. source

Is cannabis used as a medicine? In my mind, the answer to this question is simple. Is cannabis used as a medicine? “Yes, all cannabis use is medicinal.” The reasoning for this ? Because, even if you’re using cannabis “recreationally”, the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis are working together and providing their health benefits.Lowering inflammation, busting stress, eating a full

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